Spring is in the air…

Well I had a really good weekend.

For the past month I’ve had a date three out of the four weekeneds -and up until now I was really not enjoying it. I mean, I can’t say my other dates were entirely un-enjoyable. They were decent, I have a good time with just about anyone, but sometimes you just get to a point where you want the date to be over. I dunno.

But last night… We started out by going to this multi-cultural show at the Egyptian Theater. It was put on by the Indian Student Association, and it rocked!!!

They had awesome traditional dance, sitar and tubla, modern hip-hop dance, vocal performance, and a fashion show. I love being exposed to other cultures, especially one so rich as that of India.

I want to go to India SO BAD.

But anyway, my date (Chris) showed up with a bouquet of crocus and eucalyptus (green and purple ><; MY FAV). This was a good beginning.

He was quiet a nervous at first, a little sweaty ( I can totally relate. Been there. ) and at first he kept doing the "I have no opinion" "That's fine" "Whatever you want to do" thing that nervous guys do on dates. It drives me nuts when someone is SO pliable that they won't make a stand or have an opinion. Of course everyone has a preference most of the time, but when on a date and the guy just refuses to make a decision (where to sit, what to eat, how to get there) it drives me insane.

As the night continued, he offered to switch seats with me in the theater (points) when the guy in front of me ended up being JUST the right height to block the stage with his head. I declined but thanked him.

Next I discovered that he, also, like to smoke cloves. This I enjoyed immensely, since I had purchased a pack to alleviate my nerves.

We moved on to the location of the after party, which incidentally was in the basement we didn't know existed. So we ended up upstairs at the Barn eating and having drinks in the restaurant half. I was really surprised at how turned off I was by the crowd up there.

After we talked, ate, and drank some we discovered the downstairs and the afterparty. It was really warm, dark, and full of dancing bodies -but a WAY better crowd than upstairs. Unfortunately, it was SO packed and dark that I had no idea what the room might look like -so I was hesitant to navigate the crowd. It was almost all dancing, and I usually have to be with "the girls" or really drunk to actually shake a tail feather.

Lots of hot sexy Indian bois. Rawr.

We left to go to my place where we sat and talked until like 2:30 in the morning. It was really fun. We have a freaky amount of things in common -which although it's intriguiging, doesn't necessarily mean that we'll end up together.

There were no shenanigans, but while we were in the theater I had this strange urge to touch him, be affectionate somehow. I can't explain it. Like overall I don't feel like jumping on him or anything, but I don't know… can't explain it. Like I wanted to get closer to him than the seat would allow. It passed.

I'm not sure, but I feel a lot less hesitant about going out with Chris again than the last two. He's cool. OH, and his apartment is directly above mine in our building -so it's just a quick jog down the stairs for him to visit. Hmmm.


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