Lo and behold…

I walked into my apartment today and found a BATHROOM DOOR!

Even more fantastic was revelation that despite my assumption that the nomad closet doors that have been resting against my wall all year would be where I left them -the maintenance guy actually installed them too!!!!

Be still my heart…

On another note, it’s a beautiful day outside. A really hot guy walked out of my building today and was engaged in conversation by my beautiful son Sebastian. Oh my… He was really good looking and friendly.

And… the folks at work were all abuzz about a party that happened apparently last night. God I wish I could go to parties. I don’t remember the last one I went to…

I know I was at one when I was pregnant (oh boy, fun. /note sarcasm) and I went to a party with Dave and Isaac a year or so ago -but those were Dave’s friends from work and they were all sitting around in their underwear playing some tripped out variation of 20 questions and rolling on extasy. I hate X.

Needless to say, that party was far from my cup of tea.

…So how does a single mother, within a few years of the ages of the oldest of these partygoing co-workers, subtly get across the message that further parties would CERTAINLY be her cup of tea if she just had even a few hours notice to find a babysitter?

Hmmm… College.

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