I could die right now…

…and still be happy.

It’s been beautiful today. We spent most of the day with my parents, driving around looking at houses. I took a little nap this afternoon, and have finally managed to assume the mindset of “lazy Sunday afternoon”.

I cleaned out dad’s garage and made it look nice -so I’m satisfied with myself and he’s happy. Somehow the work made me enjoy this laziness even more. Summer is coming!!

Right now I’m talking in IM’s with Chris (the guy from the bus in my previous post). He’s making dinner right now, so we can’t talk just yet.. but so far nothing’s really changed.

It would be nice to have a friend in the building, heck, in the area. Unfortunately, I’m moving back to Rockford soon and I don’t know what to do about that.

On the one hand, we have an awful lot in common -it’s kinda freaky. But then, I’m not really actively looking for anything right now. Perhaps that’s a good thing. No expectations, no pressure.

Anyway, I’m hopefully going to be cooking some food out on the grill soon -so I’m off to chat in IM’s until Dave gets off and brings over the meat!!!


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