Who ME?

Ah today has been nice.

Not sure where to start really…

It’s beautiful outside. I covered an event last night for the paper and I’m on the front page, big as life, with a package. My story has a HUGE picture (which for all you non-journalists means good clip, nice feeling in my pride-zone, and points toward “reporter of the week” at work). It’s a good story, and I had fun doing it.

I step outside, and the day is even more gorgeous than it looked from my window. I drop off Bastian by car and park at home to take the bus back to campus. Running for the bus doesn’t even bring me down, because it’s so damn nice -AND he’s at the bus stop.

He. The mystery guy who I see every week, usually either getting on or off the bus while I’m doing the opposite. A few days ago I passed him standing with a group of protesters holding up signs against the war in Iraq. So I know he’s not a conservative.

He’s interesting to me -fascinating even. He’s not HOT really… but he’s got that hippie cuteness about him. Long hair, lip piercing… Seems really nice.

Some weeks (months even?) ago I checked my neglected match.com (or was it yahoo?) profile and found his picture on a woo (or whatever free teaser that particular pay site offers) that said “I like what I see, tell me more”. I thought “wow, that’s the guy from the bus stop who lives somewhere in my building”. Unfortunately, this particular site won’t reveal the persons email or anything that would allow you to contact them without paying the $20 a month or whatever it costs to subscribe.

I’m not a subscriber. So for all this time we’ve passed each other on bus stops, campus, and the parking lot. After seeing that he had noticed my online profile, I started saying “hi” to him and he returned the eye contact and smiled. He seems a little shy.

ANYWAY, today as I climbed the bus steps -panting from my 3/4’s of a block jog- I sat right across from him.

He smiled and said hi, and so did I. His name is Chris. We traded email addys. ^^


6 thoughts on “Who ME?

  1. Hey you!
    If you decide to join could you also PLLSSS promote this in this journal. Just for the sake of making my life a bit better… and if you hate this, and decide to not join. Could you STILL promote it? You know… help out a stranger. It’s a good feeling 😛


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