I’ve been feeling a little off-kilter today. Bastian’s rebellious nearly-three-years-old mentality has been pushing my buttons far more than it should. He is now wailing and crying my name (although not very convincingly) because I put him to bed and he claims he isn’t tired.

Earlier today, I made a “wish list”. It’s basically just a condensed list of adjectives that describe the mate I’d like to have some day.

I realize that expectations often set us up for downfalls, but this list is not exhaustive and I’m only making it for fun. And to be sigilzed and ritually burned around Beltane. 😡

…anyway, here’s the list.

1. connective (I guess I was thinking that we’d connect on things…you know, intellectually?)
2. Assertive
3. communicative
4. stable
5. compatible (duh)
6. attracted (to me/my body type/personality/just in general)
7. sexual (as am I)
8. Loyal
9. Honest
10. Spiritual
11. Genuine
12. Intelligent
13. Monogamous (believe it or not, there are people who’d call themselves #’s 8,9, and 11 without this)
14. comfortable
15. Wealthy (I only add this because “financially self-sufficient” is more than one word).

Oh now he’s yelling. It’s heartbreaking really, to listen to your child wail and cry, repeating over and over “Mommy” and “I’m thirsty” …but I know this is only a battle and to give in would be a set back in the war we’re constantly fighting over who’s REALLY steering this family ship.

…I hope I get to sleep eventually. I’m going to *attempt* to get up early and do my bellydance routine a’la almost a year ago. I really do need to start working out regularly if I’m going to lose any weight.

::covers ears and sighs:: …still yelling…


2 thoughts on “Ho-hum

  1. Oh, that’s the worst, when they are asking for something they may need as a stalling tactic. Right now it’s having to go to the bathroom (again) ~ should I believe him? If not, he will get all these hang ups, not to mention pee the bed. Grrr.


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