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1. Who are your best friends? – Adam, Crystal, and Bastian of course! (and Jan)
2. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? – Nope
3. Did you send this to your crush? – Thankfully I worked that out of my system.
4. Did your crush send this to you? – crushes are lame.

1. Where is your favorite place to shop? – ebay, or Target -unless I have lots of money.
2. Any Tattoos or piercings? – have a little tat, tongue, ears, nose.

1. What kind of shampoo do you use? – Fructis, Suave, of Citrushine.OH or “beache blonde” eventho I’m not.
2. What are you most scared of? – Not accomplishing my goals. My son being unhappy as he grows.
3. What are you listening to right now? – Dragontales (my son’s fav. cartoon).
4. Who is the last person that called you? – Technically Dave, but I was talking to Dan on the other line.
5. Where do you want to get married? – Where? I’d love to get hitched outdoors or in a cathedral.
6. How many buddies are online right now? – I hate aol, and I very rarely log into my IM program.
7. What would you change about yourself? – I’d like to get in shape, and be more motivated.

1. Color? – purple, dark reds
2. Food? – sushi, italian, mandarin
3. Boys name? – Sebastian or Rowan
4. Girls name? – Autumn, Aurora
5. Subject in school? – English, Journalism, writing classes
6. Animals? – I love Snakes, horses, cats… Geez I dunno. Animals are mostly cool.
7. Sports? – Sex in vehicles (boy I’m out of shape)

1. Given anyone a bath? – yes
3. Bungee Jumped? – no
4. Made yourself throw up? – I had to, I was DRUNK!
5. Skinny Dipped? – Nearly
6. Ever been in love? – I’ve been questioning that lately.
7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? – I don’t think I can “make” myself cry.
8. Pictured your crush ? – well isn’t that what crushes are all about? Daydreaming?
9. Actually seen your crush – yeah
10. Cried when someone died? – Once or twice.
11. Lied? – I prefer not to.
12. Fallen for your best friend?- No, I don’t think so.
13. Been rejected? – yes
14. Rejected someone? – yes
15. Used someone? – Looking back, I’d have to say yes -but only for sex.
16. Done something you regret? – Duh? Who writes this stuff?

1. Clothes? – I am presently wearing black and purple tie-dyed pj pants and a white tee shirt.
2. Music? – DragonTales music (cartoons are on still)
3. Make up? – ha! I only do makeup for pictures, interviews, or the occasional date.
4. Pet Peeve? – the fact that I just noticed it is snowing outside >< OMFG.
5. Smell? I need a shower. EW gross!
6. Desktop Picture? – teh! this AWESOME image by, of a mage with this huge sphere of electrical energy surrounding him, as he casts a spell. I RULE!
7. Favorite Artist? – Mucha, Dore, Anne Remington (rkfd), there's another I can't remember.
8. Favorite Group? – COLDPLAY!!!! (for now)
9. Book you're reading? – Ha, that's funny. Time to read for pleasure. ::sigh::
10. Cd in player? – Um, I have five in each player… I guess I'll use… Stan Getz, Getz & Gilberto.
11. Dvd in player? – Last watched Raging Bull (most of it) with DeNiro and Joe Pesci. Yay Scorsese!!!
12. Color of toenails? – regular ol' toenail color.Pinkish I gues?

1. You Imed? – I don't usually. I field IM's from weirdos and friends alternately.
2. You yelled at? – Bastian
3. You Kissed? – Bastian

1. Understanding? – To a point
2. Open Minded? – I would like to think so.
3. Arrogant? – at times
4. Insecure? – at different times
5. Interesting? – Oh sure.
6. Random? – Very
7. Hungry? – Extremely
8. Smart? – abso-fucking-lutely, lol, omfg!!!!!11!!1!one
9. Moody? – Once a month
10. Hard Working? – I think that's what they call this life of mine -work.
11. Organized? – Sporadically
11. Healthy? – For the most part. Yay genes!
12. Shy? – I have my moments.
13. Attractive? – Most people tell me I'm proportionate. duh?
14. Messy? – Yep.
15. Responsible? – Got no choice.
16. Obsessed? – nah. Not really.
17. Angry? – Only when prompted to be.
18. Sad? – Sometimes.
19. Happy? – Sometimes.
20. Hyper? – Seldom.
21. Trusting? – Not very.
22. Talkative? – VERY. …especially when I'm nervous.

1. Kill? – Tyrranical men from Texas who are short and dumb.
2. Slap? – People who don't take hints, or someone who will slap me back *just right* heh…
3. Get really wasted with? – Um… just about any of my friends. It's been a while.
4. Get high with? – Not gonna go there, I'm in college now. =X
5. Talk to Offline? – A certain few someones, all of whom have online names beginning with "T". hmmm…
6. Talk to Online? – anyone who WON'T send me pictures of genitalia or ask me what I look like right off the bat.

1. In the morning I am? – groggy, rushed, and hungry.
2. All I need is? – Love… and a great job right out of college. OH, "and a (Insert Tori Amos Lyric Here)".
3. Love Is? – Never having to wonder. Period.
4. I dream about? – Very abstract scenarios and interactions of which I am usually an omniscient observer.

1. Coke or Pepsi? – Don't care, as long as it's got "Cherry" before it.
2. Flowers or Candie? – I think flowers, although I'm very hungry right now.
3. Tall or Short? – Oh TALL! Definately.

1. What do you notice first? – attitude/personality. How they interact with others.
2. Worst question to ask? – It's not usually the question itself, it's how you ask it.
3. Makes you laugh the most? – Witty chat, fast paced banter, the occasional sight gag.
5. Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her? – Someone who I have established an attraction for. Presently no one.
6. Who do you have a crush on? – Like I said.

1. Sit on the internet all night waiting for that special person to IM you? Nope.
2. Save conversations? Nope.
3. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex? Hell no. I'm quite happy with all my parts and how they work.
5. Cried because someone said something to you? I don't think so. Unless it's a lovers quarrel which I already know is going to result in a break-up. Then maybe a few times.

1. i know – How to read Middle English.
2. I want – To get a job I love.
3. I have – a rumbling in my tummy, and a beautiful son who lights up my life.
4. I wish – I could give him everything to make his life good and happy.
5. I hate – Not accomplishing things, and having no good reason.
6. I fear – That I will fall helplessly into debt and screw my parents and my life up.
7. I regret – Nothing. Mistakes are catalysts for change, and the good things in my life are worth it.
8. I love – My son, being educated, writing, being published, physical contact, new beginnings.

All about Mary… again.


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