Crap n’ Shtuff.

Okay, I posted a meme so I feel as if it is my responsibility to now write a “real” post.

I have just sent Bastian to his room for the umteenth time to fetche me the rest of the matches he seems to have stumbled upon. He brought me a single match, and I asked him to bring me all of them. FOrtunately, I have the box with the strikey thing -so I know he can’t light any. Either way, he is 2 and has been bringing me other things and telling me very seriously that I have to be very quiet.

::sigh:: I’m starving, but too lazy to make breakfast. I need a shower. I also have to get some paperwork turned in to the daycare place today. I just recieved a bill for over $1300 for daycare this semester. If I get my new applicatin turned in TODAY I might be able to reduce that by 500-800 dollars. Cross your fingers for me folks, because that charge goes to my Bursar’s account and I cannot register for classes at all until it is paid in full.


Also, I have a date on Saturday…. I think. Meeting some guy I met on OkCupid months ago. He's been quite patient with my late or absent replies to messages, and seems pretty nice. I'm just going to have fun with another human being. I haven't been on a date since January… or was it before Jan? I can't remember but it was scary. I was so nervous, I felt like a complete social failure -and the guy turned out to have a "Dubya" sticker on his car. The fact that I noticed it as he parked his car initially may have been the reason I was nervous and fumbling for the rest of the evening and then refused to give him a first-date goodbye kiss. Then again, I'm not really gonna kiss a total stranger who I haven't hit it off with in the first place.


Wish me luck.


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