I’m the queen o,f pain… (yay police)

You are the Queen of Sadness- Though you reign over
things such as tears, the very essence of your
power lies in the aspects of despair that
be seen, such as heartbreak and
loneliness. Despite what people may think,
however, you are not the cause of these things;
your title stems merely from the fact that they
seem to be strongly connected with your life.

What Are You The Queen Of? (Lovely pictures!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Not feeling particularly sad, although I just took this quiz and it says I’m the queen of sadness. I guess it could work in the context of the last few lines. My sadness tends to be quiet usually. Insidious…

Anyway, deadlines have come and passed, and I feel like I’m slipping backwards. I really need to get a story or TWO done today, and also need to write a travel story for my JOUR200 class. I have an awesome idea for it, though. Since the only traveling I did over spring break was into the mystical cyber-world of VanaDiel, I will write a travel story about that. Heh. Hope it turns out okay… perhaps I’ll start a separate journal just to post my writing in…


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