Behind the times

I was perusing the Perspective section of our school newspaper ( and found this article which is really an “eye opener”.

Everyone (or at least quite a few) knows that Bush’s inaugurations have been met with protests and that often the real conflicts involved are covered VERY lightly at best.

Here’s a first-person perspective on what it was like to protest the most recent inauguration of our “chosen” leader.

Only three more years… can we make it?


One thought on “Behind the times

  1. wow – thank you for posting that link, that was an amazing, albeit extremely frightening, read.
    three more years… i thought that sounded bad the first time around.
    to be honest, i’m genuinely afraid of what the next few years of the Bush Administration will be like.
    let’s just hope he doesn’t figure out a way to reverse the constitutional amendment limiting presidents to two terms.
    *gnaws her nails and frets*


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