I’m SO creative!

*see edits from the morning after!

1. Name: Mary M. Martin

2. Nickname: Poe, once upon a time. Most recently I have been called “Tits” by a few italian fellows who shall remain unnamed.

3. Town: Dekalb/Rockford (Heading for Chicago)

4. School: NIU

5. Boxers or Briefs: I’ve worn boxers -they make good shorts for those of us without a twig and berries to consider. FUn to sleep in and steal from boyfriends.

6. Favorite Bra: Cleavage enhancing bras from Lane Bryant. See above icon. DAMN.

7. Bacon Bits or Croutons: I’m quite fond of both.

8. Favorite salad dressing: Home-made, either mine (good seasons italian) or Adam’s (Balsamic vinaigrette)

9. Do you drink: Yes, mommy has to take her medicine too.

10. What type of deodorant do you use: Degree, because it turns up the protection when you need it most.

11. Favorite shampoo or conditioner: I’m quite fond of citrushine products, but suave is good too.

12. Have you ever been skinny dipping: I think I was too chicken to take off my underwear. But I swam in my skivvies.

13. Ever make fun of people: Not as much as I used to. It makes me feel really shallow.

14. Favorite color: Crimson? Purples? The color of dark red wine.

15. Ever been convicted of a crime: no. I’m a good girl. I did “fail to obey a traffic device” once.

16. Best friends: Sebastian, ADAM ADAM ADAM*, Deeto, Jan, and the internet.

17. One pillow or two: One usually, but the armrest of the couch is usually underneath it. I cheat.

18. Pets: I am anxious to get a pet, so Bastian can experience what it’s like and because I love them, and I hear that pet-owners live longer because the don’t get as stressed out. I need some stress help. RIght now we have fish and two african dwarf frogs.

19. Favorite movie(s): The forgotten, The Others, The Ring, Brotherhood of the Wolff, Cabin Boy, About Shmidt, Werewolf in the Girls Dormitory, Spirited Away, I can go on for a REALLY long time.

20. Favorite type of music: Anything but polka, and I’m beginning to think even that’s okay.

21. Hobbies: writing and reading were hobbies I used to enjoy. Now I consider a few hours stolen from work or school to be relaxing. During these stolen moments I usually play Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon (ps2) or tickle Bastian until he screams with laughter. I’d like to ride horses and go camping, but it’s winter.

23. Type of car you drive: 2004 Dodge Neon, Graphite, with a sunroof and a spoiler. I never imagined I’d actually own this car, because I wanted it alot! Thanks mom and dad!

24. Word or phrase you overuse: how YOU doin?, “stinky” I’ve called Bastian that since he was a baby, I also tend to say the word “like” when I pause or there’s a break in what I’m trying to say. I hate that.

25. Toothpaste: Sensodyne, I have sensitive teeth and cannot afford the dentist for a few more years.

26. Favorite food: I like thai, mandarin, LOVE sushi, italian, anything exotic or spiced.

27. Crush: I don’t think I have a crush right now. I had a crush last year at this time and it was the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever spent time thinking about.

28. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Thanks for reminding me, it’s almost time for another Valentine’s day present from MOTHER. How pathetic.

29. Tattoos: I have a kinda small one on my right arm. It will look a lot cooler once I surround it with more designs.

30. Do you get along with you parents: pretty much. They help me when I’m in trouble, and my mother only pauses to kick me while I’m down once in a while. The less we talk the better.

31. Fav town to chill in: Chicago! (or London, but I can’t exactly drive there on weekends)

32. Favorite ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip hands down. I like spumonie also.

33. Favorite soda: Just about anything cherry. I like the syrupy stuff.

34. Whats your bedtime: I set myself the bedtime of 11, but I usually am asleep before 3. It varies.

35. Adidas, nike, or reebok: The brand with three stripes, YO. Like Run DMC!

36. Favorite perfume/cologne: I like Haiku, but my mom wears it =( I like Happy, but Deeto wears it, and I like Noa but it’s discontinued. I can’t win. I like the new Chanel one (can’t remember the name right now) but it’s too expensive.

37. Favorite sport: amateur co-ed wrestling (hint, hint), bowling, pool

38. Favorite website: http://www.grouphug.us or http://www.emotioneric.com/ are just a couple.

39. Favorite class in school: Presently I really like my critical interpretation of film class, and my news writing class. The other two are torture.

40. Least Fav class: Presently it’s a toss up. THe subject matter of both Geology of Space AND spanish 101 is interesting to me -but Geology of space has too much math, and Spanish is too labor intensive and there is really no one in it who I can socialize with.

41. Favorite sport to watch: I’d much rather play something.

42. Least fav sport to watch: Tennis. It’s the most boring sport to watch ever. back, forth, back, forth… GOD there’s no variety.

43. Most humiliating moment: So many to choose from. One which is especially memorable to me is when I was out with co-workers and we were talking about a girl we worked with -she was really pretty, but I think she cheated on her boyfriend and I didn’t like either one of them. I was just starting to add my two cents about her and just as I was speaking her name I looked up and made eye contact with her being seated at the restaurant we were in. I turned it into a greeting, and probably turned about three shades of red. Not fun. She WAS there with the guy from work who she was rumored to be cheating with. It looked like a date.

44. Favorite holiday: Halloween fo shizzle. Christmas is taking a close second.

45. Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you: The person who I stole this from also stole it from someone else. We are bloggers, we have no need for “sending” things. She’s a sensitive human being and I often miss her company.

46. Age: 25. I will be 26 in about 2 months. God.

47. Height: 5’8″ – 5’9″

48. How long have you been online: My computer has been online for a few hours, I’ve been bouncing between it, the work I should be doing right now, and the Hallmark movie I was watching earlier.

49. What do you look for in the opposite sex: Height, sense of humor, a correlation (at least) between word and deed, social skills, symmetry, and motivation.

50. Place to live: What is this question really asking? What place would I like to live? Um, Chicago -downtown.

51. Number of kids: I have one, I wouldn’t mind one more but it would really depend on whether I get married in the next ten years. No husband -no more babies. I am, however, very good at making babies. Bastian is a perfect 10.

52. Names of kids: Sebastian is the best name ever, doncha think? If I ever have a girl I like Autumn Janis.


Broken the law? Ah, see I have not been caught. Can’t be incriminated. Nuff said.

Lied? That’s just human nature.

Cheated on a test? Only as a desperate grade-schooler. Okay, maybe high school.

Played strip poker? In like 5th grade. I started with several blankets on top of my clothes, and individual socks counted as clothing items.

Gotten injured? Sure… I think… Wait I don’t remember being… I’m like Bruce Willis from UNBREAKABLE! ::falls and breaks a leg:: Damn.


Love at first sight? Not really. I believe in instant lust. I believe we can feel another persons energy and be drawn to it, but it really has nothing to do with sight. I don’t like the term, it’s misleading.

God? Read “The Book” by Alan Watts. We are all separate manifestations of God, as he plays a cosmic game of hide and seek to entertain himself. Can you find him in me, too?

Horoscopes? I think there is something to the idea of astrology, but by and large horoscopes are computer generated these days and really have become an endeavor of entertainers.

Hell? Hell is as real as you believe it to be. Honestly, I think everyone experiences hell at some point before, during, or after this life. Just not the judeo-christian concept of it.


Coke or Pepsi? They really aren’t different enough for me to care either way. Coke can clean off a car’s engine, though. Scary.

Oranges or apples? Whichever I haven’t had for the longest time.

Deaf or blind? I don’t think I could handle being blind. I’d be afraid constantly.

Hot tubs or pools? Depends on who’s around.

Blondes, Red heads, Brunettes? Again, I question the direction of the questioning. Being a brunette, I guess I would vote for them? Red hair looks sexy, but I’ve gone that route and I’m happy with what I’ve got.

TV or Radio? Internet, the real world. (Law and Order is on TV, so that makes it better!)

Tall or short? Tall, yes. I like tall. Makes me feel small. That’s not all.


Took a shower? This morning.

Watched Bambi? I can’t even remember.

Got a real letter? Once again, I can’t even remember.

Kissed someone? I kiss my son all the time. Sometimes he even kisses me back. =) …sometimes he wipes off his cheek and scowls at me. So cute.


Your most prized possession? TOss up between laptop and cellphone. Well, those are more necessities. Prized possession… car? Oh, maybe my collection of christian propaganda from Chick Publications…This (http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0058/0058_01.asp) is the one I am currently seeking. PLEASE, if you find it or are given it -CONTACT ME!

Your good luck charm? Haven’t got one. Need to get one.

Worst song? I pretty much despise 99 percent of Rush songs.

Most Embarrassing CD in your collection? I dunno. I don’t get embarrassed about having “eclectic” tastes.

What is your bedroom like? It’s almost like a living room -two couches, a tv, a coffee table of sorts, and ottoman… Oh yeah. It is a living room.

Your favorite thing for lunch? Sushi! or Crab fried rice.


Abortion? I never want to have one, but I don’t think they should be outlawed. Sometimes it’s really the best choice. There are a lot of bad situations in the world.

Bill Clinton? Didn’t like him when he was in office, now he doesn’t look so bad. All he did was lie about getting some intern action. The current nutjob lied about WMD’s. War is like SO much worse than blowjobs in the oval office.

Premarital sex? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Still, post-marital sex sounds good too. Did that come out right?

Religion? Is a dish served best with a little dogma and a lot of personal philosophy.

Alternative music? Does it even exist any more?

Rap? Snoop Dogg is the man. Period. Missy can lay down a phat track as well. I suppose lil’ john is fun to listen to, but all he ever says is “YEE-ah” and “WHAT!” and “OH-KAY”.

Country? Alison Krause is cool. I kinda like that guy who sings with Nelly.

Classical? Yes. Plenty. Bach especially, and Mozart. I’m quite the fan of Opera, which I don’t see here. =(

Punk? I went through a NOFX stage, and I’m still fond of them and Sloppy Seconds. I like fun punk music, even if it does have a wee bit of social commentary.


Makes you laugh the most? Bastian probably. I need to laugh a lot more.

Do you hate? Myself when I don’t budget my time wisely.

Who has it easier, guys or girls? –Who has WHAT easier? This is a loaded question.

Who are your favorite persons to talk to? I like talking to Claudia, Jason, and even Randy sometimes. I especially like talking to Jan.

Do you save emails? Only if they contain important stuff like contact information I might lose.

Best lyrics from a song? “When you feel life ain’t worth living ya got to stand up and take a look around, look away to the sky, cause when your deepest thoughts are broken, keep on dreamin’ boy cause when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die” -Shannon Hoon, Blind Melon

Who do you want to love you? Well, I suppose I’d like to be loved by the people I respect and love. It would be nice to be loved by my soul-mate -whoever and wherever he may be.

Who do you love? Isn’t that a song lyric? “I walked 37 miles of barbed wire, wore a rattlesnake for a neck tie…” Anyway, I love my Bastian, Adam, Jan and plenty of other folks. And me, too. I love me. Finally.

You know the rules; cut and paste it to your own blog and fill in your own answers.

6 thoughts on “I’m SO creative!

    1. Re: best friend
      Adam, I’m sorry.
      I was tired. Besides, your not my best friend. I really think (in a friendly and non-romantic way) that you’re my soul mate. Like, the things that frustrate you about me, and the things that frustrate me about you are really just the things that we cringe to think about, because we have been each other before and embodied them. I know that sounds retarded, but I believe in reincarnation wholeheartedly and I think we have been each other before.
      Best friendships fade and change, sometimes dissappearing altogether. But no matter how mad we get at each other, and no matter how long we may go without speaking, you always surprise me by caring when I feel like no one does.
      Sometimes I feel as if I don’t deserve to have a friend like you. Regardless of whether you come to mind at 10:30 pm when I’m functioning on 4 hours of sleep and doing a stupid LJ meme instead of working on the homework and story due the next day, you are always in my heart.
      I love you more than chocolate.


      1. Re: best friend
        I hate chocolate.
        And I was trying to be funny. I forgot to put the *wink* after bitch to emphasize this.
        I was thinking to myself, I am above this. My name is too COOL to be on a best friends list, because I am beyond best friend. Just call me GODLY-friend. None are above me.
        *em struts around the room*
        So.. blah.
        p.s. Northstar is quitting FFXI. I am extremely upset by this, that I turned off my Linkshell. MYA just won’t be the same, and its upseting my game play. BTW, I’m leveling whm. I think im lvl 12 now. I hate WHM.


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