ha ha!

It’s like an eRollercoaster, isn’t it folks!

I got the story finished and turned in yesterday evening and it was on the front page today! Well, the lead was anyway.

Instead of going for the Pat Quinn angle (since he couldn’t make it anyway) I made it about the bracelets they used to raise the money (which was going to be presented to him anyway).

Here’s the link!


In other news, I am cold. I also feel much better after talking to my assigned “buddy” (sort of a mentor we were each assigned during trainng week) and finding out that missing a deadline does not necessarily signal the start of the apocalypse.

Funny thing; one of my stories for next week is on blogs “Such as livejournal and Xanga” and the trend toward electronic friendship/relationship networking. Ha! I’m supposed to infiltrate (join) some of these and find out how popular they are with NIU students. Just now I ran an interest search on “NIU” and found 198 matches.

This should be interesting.


It seems like the end of every day is when my workload finally catches up with me. I get home and Bastian’s endless barrage of questions -98% of which is a simple “Why?”- feel a little overwhelming. I start giving answers like “because that’s just another one of the many things mama has to do” while mentally adding the footnote “by herself, with no one to help”.

I haven’t left myself much leeway or leisure time. Even when I do work up the balls to tell the internship folks that I can’t do it I’ll still have a fairly hectic schedule. I still love every minute of the newspaper gig, and get tingles everytime I pick up the paper and find my own story to read.

Mysteriously, 500 dollars even appeared in my Amcore bank account today, but I can’t access the “account history” link to see from whence it came. On the one hand, I could pay off the majority of my individual bills with that -but if that is supposed to be my financial aid package, I am SCREWED.

According to the statement I recieved it should be substantially more than that. I’m wondering if I didn’t accidentally give the wrong voided check to the newspaper folks. But 500 dollars even? That doesn’t really seem likely.

I guess we’ll find out about the money situation eventually. In the meantime I need to heed dad’s advice and “find a good relationship and father figure all in one”. I’ll get right on that, dad. Supposing I don’t fall into an abyss of cynicism and end up worse than my mother, it should be NO PROBLEM to locate a guy I can get along with who’ll accept Bastian and I as a package and ALSO happen to be financially self-sufficient at the very least. Bah.

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