Compound issues

Well, it’s the last day of 2004 and here comes the inevitable resolution post.

What a way to end a year eh? So far the death toll in the pacific is 125,000 and the plantery balance is going to be seeing aftershocks for a long time to come. I’ve even heard the earth has tilted on it’s axis. Not sure about that one, but I know the environment is a delicate balance. We’ll see what happens.

This years has been a stressful one, and although I feel I’ve been through some trials and benefitted from the successful completion of them -I’ll be glad to move on. I still plan to grow and change and make progress toward the goals that are finally in sight -I just hope that the trials space themselves out a little more from now on.

If zits were members of a sentient capitolist society, I’d say my face has been colonized. Seems like the last six months or so I’ve just been cursing one breakout after another. The funny thing is, I’ve been using more products designed for the care of acne prone skin than I ever have in the past. I practically never used anything special in the past. Perhaps it’s a conspiracy by neutrogena to make people break out. I shall give my skin a break and perhaps just fall back on salicylic acid facial soap.

This coming year I resolve to lose 30 pounds. It’s a start, and I honestly feel like I could live my life pretty happily if I were to lose that much. Either way, I’ve never set a specific goal and stuck to it. We’ll see what happens.

I will also give myself a bedtime of 11:00pm. I REALLY doubt I’ll be able to keep that, even if it’s only for weeknights, but that is my resolution as well. Then perhaps I could wake up in the morning before the little urchin begins harassing me from my bed and asking for drinks and breakfast. I must teach him to make ommlettes soon.

I guess I’m concerned. I’ve already heard the voices that sound at every global disaster/peice of formidable news.. the end times are happening they say. It’s not going to be a sudden descention of heavenly creatures followed by the magical drifting upward of countless good souls -it’s going to be a series of natural disasters which will quite naturally take scores of human lives and gradually deplete the earth of it’s human population. Wierdness abounds, and here *I* am trying to get through college and live on 4,000 for nine months. Ugh.

Either way, I’m hungry -and I’m going to make a casserole. Here’s a short list of resolutions for this year. In no particular order:

1. lose 30 pounds minimum
2. go to bed by 11 pm on weeknights
3. go out and get tested for VD’s. (I haven’t been sexually active for nearly six months and have no reason to suspect a problem -but it should be done regularly anyway. That is my belief.)
4. Start giving blood regularly. (being type 0- my blood is the most useful and I should help somehow)

Happy New Year! ( working tonight = suck ass )

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