JEEsus Christ, SUUUper star..

Yes, I’m finally posting again.

Bastian is finally watching The Dark Crystal, I’ve put it on for him more times than I can count -but for the first time he seems to be paying at least 70% attention to it.

THe living room is (again) clean after my few minutes of pick up. I had the whole place looking good exactly one week ago, and then spent the whole Christmas weekend in ROckford. One houseguest and all those presents later -it was trashed. The house guest didn’t do it -it was all that crap!

Bastian made out like a bandit, and has more toys to play with than ever. He wouldn’t even take a nap today, I kept hearing noises and coming in to find him at his play table with cars and playsets. I even set up the BASKETBALL HOOP that ‘s parents bought for him. Occasionally he’ll throw it at the hoop, but usually he asks me to lift him up for the dunk. He really loves sports -but he still calls it his baseball hoop. He’ll learn.

I finally have my computer situation fixed up. came over and fixed my wireless router issues (got wireless for xmas, yay!) and then I removed the other wireless connection. Apparently, one of the fraternities around my building has wireless internet -because my compy kept switching between my connection and theirs. HAA!

SO I got all the stuff I wanted for Christmas -got to see Adam and Eric, got wireless and an MP3 player, and I’ve almost got my act together at home. The living room is clean, but I need to take care of the paperwork issues for this upcoming semester. Tomorrow’s work. Tonight is for gaming!


2 thoughts on “JEEsus Christ, SUUUper star..

  1. So wait… the connection issues you were having, where you would be online, and then it would poop out having you to reconnect to your wireless was because your compy was trying to switch over to the Frats Wireless??
    So.. what did you do? Did you delete the other wireless?
    I’m pretty sure somewhere, that theres an option to ONLY connect to yours, and none others… but it escapes me…


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