I’m hungry

Well I’m back in business folks. I don’t where I’m back from, or what the business is…

Oh yeah -I talked to the folks who are offering the internship opportunity. They are going to call me back, but it’s looking like one day a week for them (Tues) and one day a week for the paper (Thurs) will work out. YAY!

Also, Bastian’s Santa present is wrapped and cleverly tucked away in his own closet! MWAHAHAHA!

Yeah, so tomorrow morning I need to get up bright and early and clean, do dishes, vacuum, and start baking cookies. We’re going to do a little Dekalbian gift exchange at ‘s place. Damn I’m starving. I hope I can fall asleep.

Finally did some Christmas shopping today, and got about half. I am so broke it’s not funny. Fortunately, I can ignore all those letters and pretend like they aren’t going to be followed up by collection agency mail. Who cares if my credit’s crap when I graduate, right? I’ll get a job and make REAL money. GOD I hope this plan I’ve been slaving away at for the last 2.5 years is really feasible. If it doesn’t work out within my five-year time frame I may just end up selling oranges on an exit ramp somewhere. Or worse.

By the way, I hate internet Explorer. I SHOULD BE SLEEPING! Okay. Good night.


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