Alright… it’s official now, I have an “incurable virus” on my computer.

I sent out an email with a cute photo to a bunch of friends, and sent it to myself as well to see how the email would look. When I tried to open the attachment I sent out -hotmail refused and said it can’t open an attachment with an incurable virus on it.

SO, not only have I endangered the computers of all the people I sent that stupid cute little picture to -I also now have to find some way to get rid of it.

I have tried writing my data files (pictures, writing, music) onto a disk to save them -to no avail. I cannot drag & drop, copy & paste, or write to any disk I put in my D: drive. Even uploading and mailing compressed folders with the data had proven unsuccessful. I have no other option now (since neither the RESTORE folder on my hard drive NOR the quick restore disks that came with my computer will restore windows) but to re-format and lose just about everything. I have at least got all the photos I want to save loaded up onto photobucket. I guess the writing and the music will just all be lost. This fucking sucks.

I’m off to throw away all the general clutter on my computer (since I’ve just finished de-cluttering and re-arranging my living room -I guess this is fitting) and hope everything works out all right. From now on I’m going to appreciate and utilize Norton Anti-Virus to the utmost. Grrr…

I wish I had some way of finding out how I got this damn thing. Could have something to do with me taking off my pop-up protection and firewall while I worked on my web page, huh?


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