I’m just plain un-motivated lately. I’m finally out of school for a few weeks, and I haven’t really accomplished much. I remember previous breaks during which I had planned to accomplish many things -cleaning, organizing, or general random stuff- and ended up sitting on my ass telling myself I needed the time off.

That’s NOT going to happen again this time. I’m going to clean TO-Morrow regardless! I will not turn on the TV and I will not open the laptop until the living room looks presentable. The carpoolers (or at least one of them) will be meeting here on Tuesday and it would be nice if I wasn’t concerned about them seeing my hovel in ill repair.

I need to do so much. Tomorrow is a free day, no work until 5, no school at all -Bastian and I have the whole day together to do whatever we want. I’m hoping he will enjoy his room and his toys (and perhaps a CD his teacher made for us) while I’m cleaning the living room.

Well, I didn’t get much sleep last night -long story- and I think tonight might be an early bedtime night for me.

By the way, I am a complete coward. Just throwin’ that out there. G’night.


2 thoughts on “Lethargy…

  1. But, but, but, you took a huge chance and left the town you know to go to one where you didn’t know and went to school. Doesn’t look cowardly to me. But, I know in my own head, I’m everything I think I am. There is a Yule rite out here… lemme know if interested. I’d love to do something with just the kids, but it would have to be on the 21st. The 22nd is when the rite is scheduled. Enjoy your break.


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