Been a while…

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I have a warning lable. Funny.

SO I just finished my first final, and I feel alright about it. I think I got most of the extra credit questions right, too -so yay for me. There were only one or two art peices that I didn’t recognize or couldn’t remember the artist for. I think it’s better for me to only study on the morning of the final, because I do pay attention in class and I just sort of refresh the information that’s already in my head for the actual test session.

Things are, as usual, odd. I’m enjoying the new job as much as one can enjoy a job as a cashier. It’ll take a while to get used to the sore feet and legs, but it’s a helluva lot better than being outside in the snow and rain. I can’t wait to get out on the sales floor next. Then at least I can walk around and have a walkie talkie. That would make the job SO much more fun. hee hee.

I’m having a glass of wine with my lunch of spaghetti leftovers, which although it may seem naughty (it’s not even noon!) actually feels kinda nice. I’m catching a light buzz which, I assure you, will be gone by 2:30 when I pick up Sebastian from daycare. I’m actually not going to finish it because I need to clean and do a million other things today.

Yup. Finals week begins and I’m sailing smooth waters so far (knock on wood).


3 thoughts on “Been a while…

  1. I know it sounds crazy and old-lady like but support hose really do help, and keep you from getting varicose veins. I was a checker for 17 years and I have the fucked up feet to prove it. Wear good shoes!!


    1. Oh!
      Thanks for the tips, I was wondering about the feet up thing because I had thought about doing it. I know I’ve heard that somewhere but I couldn’t remember if it was for sore feet or hypothermia or something, LOL!
      I’ll try that tonight when I get off work (5-close shift).


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