Funny stuff…

So despite my deliquent activities of the night (staying up until nearly three to update my web page instead of going to sleep) I got up on time this morning and made it to class early.

Everything was going fine -reviewing the last chapter for our final and talking about the approaching class evaluations we’d be doing- when the professor finally unhooked his microphone. It had been crackling and breaking up throughout the entire lecture to that point. His assistant in the A/V room came down the isle and took it, saying she’d go make a phone call and find out if there was some reason her equiptment was not working properly. She ‘couldn’t figure it’ out, she said.

A few minutes later, as we discussed the ins and outs of green politics, she came down and told the professor (in a voice which we could all hear -this being an auditorium) that we were supposed to have been monitoring the amount of power we used, and the lights needed to be dimmed and all the computer equiptment shut off. She explained that the reason it was so cold (I was still wearing several layers due to the chilly room) was because the heat was off to save power. We were supposed to shut the doors to keep the heat in for the next class and shut everything down.

The professor seemed flustered, genuinely, but I still couldn’t believe this was really what it seemed. He asked who ordered this, and she told him the governor. Apparently we had only so many amps (or whatever the measurement was) of power we could use and he’d gone over his. He does use the computer, overhead projected onto a large movie screen, all the lights, and I suppose earlier in the year heat or air.

So with all the lights off and the doors closing, it got pretty damn dark. The student assistant informed our professor that there were candles under the lectern. He lit them and began to read from a David Suzuki book. Finally he opened the doors (no windows in an auditorium) to let some light in and we took our evaluation and left.

I still don’t really know if that was a message about energy conservation, a psychological study, or an actual manifestation of the weirdness of our economy.

In relation to this topic, and as a statement about our country’s distribution of wealth and policies on spending -I found an article in the star today (which I can’t link to because they got if off the wire and apparently don’t post those on their site) about the porn star who ran for governer in California. Apparently she’s speaking out against the military’s policy to perform free plastic surgery on any enlisted person who wants it. They get paid time off for it, and it’s free. There were examples cited in the story -nosejobs, teeth straightening, face lifts, etc- of what servicepeople can get.

Incidentally, I just saw the aforementioned entertainer (Mary Carey) at the Heartbreaker’s Club not too long ago. I kept thinking, as she lay flat on her naked back in a “splits” position, slamming her six inch heels onto the floor on either end of her very long legs, what the other congressional candidates who’d lost their elections were doing at that precise moment.

I mean, come on folks -if this girl can work her ass off (quite literally) to pay for her own breast augmentation, why should others be given them free at our expense? I think that kind of undermines the whole military thing -having surgery to look better instead of developing as a whole person.


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