Well this journal’s been under construction for a while now. You may or may not appreciate it, but I really enjoy moving things around every now and then. I start to feel stagnant if my environment doesn’t change fairly regularly.

Since I can’t move around all the time, like I used to, I tend to re-arrange my furniture every three months or so. There are times when I’ll do it twice in the same month. My sister once gave me a plastic quick-reference card for feng shui decorating. I have this theory that if the chi isn’t flowing appropriately in my apartment, things tend to build up. Technically speaking, you could say that an inefficient arrangement leads to the accumulation of physical clutter in certain areas, which makes my mental processes feel cluttered and inhibits my ability to get things done. Or you could say the chi isn’t flowing correctly. Both are accurate, in my humble opinion.

I’m about halfway through with the de-clutterization which was present before, during, and after the present arrangement of my living room took place. I feel that once I get it done, it will be good into the new year, at least.

I really need to get paid -FRIDAY, HURRY UP!

Oh, and a story in today’s Northern Star that may mean GOOD NEWS on the apartment front:


Back to work…


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