I’m bad. You know it.

So things have been going weirdly lately.

I applied at the Northern Star and I have an interview tomorrow after my Bio class. Wouldn’t it be just freakin’ AWESOME if I was a reporter next semester?!

I’m working at Target (not until a week from today) and I get paid on Friday. I just hope my grades are awesome this semester. I don’t think they’ll be as awesome as I had originally hoped -but considering that Finals are like a third of my grade in most classes; I still have a chance to shine.

I’ve been fighting off this feeling of being just entirely overwhelmed with stuff to get done lately -even though I have only a few things that need doing and my cluttered apartmet is making me feel insane.

I need to eat, get off the couch, and get this place clean. Unfortunately, I have a project due tomorrow at 9:30 am -so I’ll be working into the wee hours of the night (once I start it). Heh. I’ve really got my shit together.

On a lighter note, I’m really feeling good about this job interview. I would love to write for the paper! On top of being a good experience for my resume, it’ll give me a chance to WRITE! Portfolio peices AND something I love to do. AH!

Bastian keeps asking for “lips”. This is what he calls lip balms like chapstick. I have some of the burt’s bees stuff (which tingles and smells good) and we like to put it on every once in a while. We’ve been getting along grandly these past few days. Ever since he spent the weekend with grandma and learned how she can lose her temper when she has to take care of someone else for more than a day. Heh. Now he loves ME best again!

I’m waiting for my chinese take-out, and after we feast -I will start getting things done. Then the TV will go off and I’ll be all about business. Cheers!


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