Today has, thus far, ROCKED!

Tits, I say! I thought at first it was going to suck -we were late leaving the house (again) and the asshole busdriver took off and left us. ()

Busdriver Saga:
There are three different guys that drive the routes past our apartment. We are on greek row, which is very near campus, so the 3 and 3A busses go around our short little route. Once goes clockwise, the other counter clockwise around the several-block-wide expanse of our neighborhood. Of these three drivers that Sebastian and I encounter (I’m sure there’s a few more, but for the hours we use them this is it) ONE is really decent. He doesn’t say much, he doesn’t seem jovial -but he’s not an asshole, and he waits for me to get Sebastian in a seat before he takes off.

The other two are complete Dicks. One is this three or four hundred pound black man. He can smile, and I’ve even seen him laugh and joke before -but only with a few other “african americans” who ride the bus. He even says to them, when they get on, “What up my black people?”. I guess reverse racism is a touchy subject for some -personally, I think it’s just as dumb as the regular variety. Either way, this guy yells at the foreign exchange students (from India and other Asian countries) for pulling on the cord more than once. I’ve seen him chew out more than one student for not standing close enough to the bus-stop sign or standing too close to the curb. He’s got an attitude. He doesn’t mess with us, though, and Bastian says bye to him when we get off. He seems to be okay with that.

The other guy is, in my opinion, the worst. He’s a heavy set (although not as heavy as the second one) white guy, older, and he’s a real humbug. He doesn’t yell at anyone, that I’ve seen, but he likes to gun it as quickly as possible just before I get to a seat -sometimes causing me to have to catch myself on a railing or fall into the chair at the last minute. He seldom lets me get seated before taking off -not that a deserve special attention. He never waits for someone who’s running toward the bus stop, and I honestly think he gets off on having the power to leave people behind. Most drivers have a certain limit to how far a person can be away -or how long they’ll wait for someone to make it to the bus stop. Not this guy. I’ve EVEN seen him skip a stop that someone had pulled the cord for (a guy wanted to get off there) just to make the black girl running toward the stop miss the bus. The guy wanting to get off actually had to walk back from the next stop on the route. THIS was the guy driving when we were late this morning. I was about half a block from the stop when I saw the bus starting to pull up. I picked up Sebastian and started running. The guy stopped, as there was one person at the bus stop waiting, and let the passenger on -promptly closing his doors and taking off. I was 15 feet from the door! He would have had to wait less than ten seconds for us. What a jerk. I shook my fist at his rear view mirror.

Anyway, we missed that bus and waited for the next one -which was driven by the one cool driver.

I was totally stressing out, thinking we were late -but I didn’t lose it or get mad as Sebastian! Surprisingly, I made it to class with like one minute to spare. We (of course) had a quiz on the material covered Friday (which I missed) and I completely ACED it. Five questions and I guessed the right one EVERY time. Of course, one of the slides she accidentally forgot to cut out the artists signature at the bottom and one of the questions was “Who is the artist?”. HA! She was pissed when she realized it, and asked to move to the next slide. heh heh.

Then I got my last exam back and I got another B-. For the course I’m getting a C+ which, although it is below my personal standards, is better than what I expected since I got D’s on almost everything in the first half of the class. SO that can be brought up to a B if I do enough extra credit and continue to do well on the exams.

On top of all this wonderfulness -I get home today and OkCupid has ACCEPTED the test I wrote! YAY! Go take it, if ya can.

Good day sunshine!


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