Rowdy times…

It’s Sunday night and one of my weekend engagements has been called off. I was going to be working with a group from my PRSSA chapter on a campaign for the “Great American Smoke Out” but complications have led to no one knowing about it. SO, rather than just the two of us who organized the thing showing up alone -we’ve decided to put it off. We have until Nov. 18 anyway.

Bastian and I have spent the weekend together, and it wasn’t half bad. Last night we stayed in and watched movies on TV. Well, he fell asleep and I watched movies.

Tonight we’re once again lounging at home and Lord of the Rings is on the WB. We seem to be evening out, although he is definately pushing boundaries again. I guess it’s just going to continue to be a cyclical thing.

All the responses to my last post gave me heart. Not just because each person assured me that I’m doing well (although it certainly helps ALOT to hear it) but also because it shows me that I have friends who do care. So thanks. =)

I think part of the problem for me is that when he ignores or defies me when I ask him to do something. My own stress causes me to have less patience than I used to. So yeah, I’m going to look into something to help me with that so I can be calmer. Perhaps if I can ask nicely a few times, then I won’t just go headlong into a fury and be aggressive.

I do utilize the 3 count, and I NEVER repeat a number. It’s not often that I actually have to go all the way to 3. When I do, he get’s grabbed/spanked. I will pause in between, e.g. “Bastian come here. If I count to three you’re going to get a spanking” (this usually gets his attention, and propmts a “You don’t spank me mom” or “No spanking!”). Then I start counting. “One…get over here NOW please…Two…BASTIAN COME-HERE-NOW…(usually works by now, if not I’m silently preying he’ll acknowledge me”…Three! (Here comes the thunder).

Well, this is a very “parenty” journal lately. I’ll have to come up with something much more lighthearted so offset the solemnity.

2 thoughts on “Rowdy times…

    1. Hey you!
      I meant to email you last night, and I conked out without doing it.
      How are ya lately? I haven’t made it out to speak with master Torok, but I think it’ll have to wait until I get my tax return anyway.
      We should have pie and coffee again sometime soon. I was sure there was something I was going to ask you about -and I’m drawing a complete blank. Oh well.
      =) Thanksgiving is coming!


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