Today Sebastian and I played hooky. I was tired, and just felt crappy in general -Bastian has a runny nose and a cold. I’m concerned that my Visual arts teacher (who takes herself WAY too seriously) will require me to provide documentation before she’ll let me take the quiz I missed. The problem is, you don’t take a 2 year old to the doctor every time they get a cold. Unless he’s got a fever over 103, most doctors will roll their eyes (metaphorically speaking -usually) and give you cold medicine.

I think the Family and Medical Leave Act actually has some rule about that. I know morning sickness doesn’t require documentation, because it’s a chronic condition that doesn’t require a doctors visit. I just don’t want to send my child to daycare with a horribly runny nose and a cold when he needs individual attention. That’s MY job, the TLC part. So, I’ll have it out with her if she gives me a hard time. Maybe I’ll research first.

Halloween pics!

Bastian was a clown! OMG, cute! WE got TONS of candy, and we started at ‘s parents house. I suppose this is the last request from my meme with the photo’s. requested Bastian doing halloween thins -so here you go!

Due to other demands by we have also now got photos of Bastian with pumpkins.

The Great Pumpkin King, Bastian.

Bastian is the conductor of the Pumpkin Patch Express! He loves trains.


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