Okay, here are the photo’s I’ve taken so far.

In response to:
‘s requests:
My Shoe collection (short a few pairs -I only brought what I needed for school)
They are so lonely here. Oh well, they’ll be multiplying as soon as I’m rich.

I especially love the asymmetrical neckline and coordinating rhinestone pin that came with it.

Since my living room IS my bedroom, I took this from the couch (which I also sleep on). I am a hobo.

‘s requests:
Since I obviously don’t know where the missing door is, I can’t photograph it -unless you want to wait an indefinate period of time for it. This is what I’ve done to cover the door and provide SOME bit of privacy. I hope it doesn’t look too ghetto. I used a hippie tapestry instead of a sheet. Incidentally, the doors leaning against the wall there go on the closet in the living room next to the front door. I can’t get them into their tracks. They were leaning against the living room wall when I moved in, and I moved them there so they’d be out of the way. I have asked to have them removed or put on the closet also.

Okay, here’s where I get geeky. This here Owl is representative of Wisdom. He’s also wearing sunglasses with rhinestones for eyes. I love the fact that I’m becoming wiser here, both through my studies and my experiences with lots of people. I also love the way that things seem to sparkle when I look into my future. The rhinestones are pretty and I hope that the future will be too.

‘s requests:

I took a rest on this tree’s trunk, since it was leaning so cooperatively near the ground. It was great, for something that usually grows vertically, but I discovered that the ground just in front of it was much better and made leaning on the trunk accessible and oh-so-natural.

And that’s it so far. There are a few more coming, and I’m still open to requests. This is fun!


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