Oh my god, this is like my third post today -but I never did post about the date!

So I went on the date Sunday night with Grant. As it turned out, we had agreed to meet around 7 or so. He called the day before and told me that he had to work and it might be as late as 8:30. Then, for some reason, he wanted to avoid 64 and took 90 out to Genoa road (from Shaumburg). About 10:00 he got into town and met me at the movie theater around the corner. He was pretty much a gentleman, we made conversation and ended up eating cheese-fries and a salad (guess who had what?) and then walking back to my place where was babysitting for me. She kept silently asking me if she should go, and I kept trying to shake my head violently without looking too obvious. He wasn’t aggressive or physical in any way, but I felt like he wanted something. Maybe he just wanted a kiss -but he had alluded to checking in and sending the babysitter home before we left the restaurant. I was so fucking nervous, it was ridiculous. He was all smiles and compliments. He apologized for his lateness and agreed to my suggestion of a “bye bye hug”. Pretty lame, now that I think about it. Still -after nearly a week he hasn’t called back for the second date he seemed so eager for. Maybe was right -maybe he just wanted to “hit it and quit it”. There was no hittin’ folks. Yay me.

I’m still feeling wishy washy, but leaning towards non-involvement. He was nice, but I feel like he’s not the “one”. I wanted to give him a chance, and I did.

I was willing to give him a chance despite the “no” consensus from my friends. I was willing to overlook his lateness and his zeal in pursuing me, despite the fact that I was a total stranger. But when he pulled into the movie theater and I saw his whole car for the first time -I noticed he had a “W” sticker on his bumper. would have killed me.


6 thoughts on “Duh!

  1. Ack!!
    a W sticker? it never woulda worked sweetie, no matter what else he had goin for him. πŸ˜‰
    congrats tho on gaining interest from a “normal” (i know what it means to have that…er…i think…come to think of it, i’ve YET to have interest from a “normal” so maybe i don’t…) and keeping to your principles, both intentional and implicit. Giving up on self-destruction can at times be like giving up on drug addiction. . . harder than it looks.


  2. I give you mad props for going on the date. yay you for taking a chance. I also GREATLY aplaude you for protecting yourself from an uncomfortable situation. Had crystal NOT been there, you may now be regreting not being able to say no. I also aplaude that you give a good try.
    Dates are like that, and yes… rejection may suck. Now, had you been interested, and he hadn’t called, don’t pretend to play the date game. Give him a call. Some people do that whole “don’t call him, he will call you. And if you do call, don’t call for 3 days” bullshit.
    People are both timid on first dates sometimes. So, both people should attempt to make contact again for a 2nd date.
    And even if someone isn’t interested… Ehh whatever. Just toss them back in the sea, and move on. I know i have said this before…. But… focus on school, and once you have a full time job living in chicago, I will more than happy to babysit, and you can go on as many dates as you want. Even go out to the bars with your friends. Or take some of the salsa dancing lessons, or do yoga in the park.
    Take Olivia, shes pretty good at being able to pick up the boys…. but shes REALLLLY picky….


    1. Ha!
      Yeah, I’m not really feeling attached to the idea of another date. We agreed to see a movie this coming Sunday, but he hasn’t called and frankly -something more important has come up.
      I’ve finally been offered an opportunity to work on a PR project with Contact Communications (our student run PR firm). Yay for putting school before dates.
      Yay Olivia, too. I aspire to be picky someday as well. =)


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