Okay, since everyone else is name-dropping generally pretentious Halloween costume ideas, I guess I’ll join the fray.

All I really have to wear this year (for myself) is a renaissance costume, SO…

I’ve decided I’ll be “crazy” Margery Kempe this year. Ha. Catch that obscure middle ages reference, will you!

Perhaps if I throw myself on the ground at every house we go to, with much gnashing of teeth and weeping, the homeowners will throw some candy at me as well as Sebastian. Then again, what would gnashing and weeping be without divine hallucinations of me hanging with the Christ and his mom, and all his posse?

It’s going to be an interesting halloween -at least in my head. *chuckles*

btw, cramps SUCK!

…oh, and that guy called today at lunch. I was ignoring his call, because I’ve had second thoughts, and he said he’d call tonight. Maybe I should at least go on one date. It’s not like I’m committing for a lifetime or anything. Hell, he’s willing to drive all the way to Dekalb to take me to the movies. Most guys I date have the “You fly, I MIGHT buy” philosophy since they usually don’t own working cars. That or they’re just lazy. UGH.


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