It is 1:47 in the AM and what am I doing? Well I’m not doing it at the COMPUTER LAB!!!

That’s right, folks! I’m ONLINE! I’m “wired”, ready to go, internet able! WOO freakin’ HOO!

I spent some time online with a friendly tech person, manually registering me and setting up proxy thingies (whatever) and now I have cable internet. I’m the happiest girl in the world. Of course, I do have a big exam tomorrow at ten, and I haven’t really studied, but that class is bringing me down anyway. I need to do the “fly by the seat of your pants and you must be a wizard anyway” thing. I pay attention, I take notes, and I’m interested in the subject. If I can’t score well on her test, then she’s a shitty teacher.

Either way, I’m finally online. Oh, what a relief it is.

On a less hyperactive note, that Grant guy was supposed to call tonight to set up the specifics of our Sunday night date. He never did. I’m wondering if the “Sebastian bomb” was too much for him. Eh, I was having second thoughts, anyway. I’m not opposed to dating, you know like real dates, but I’m not really anxious either. We’ll see.

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