Darwin’s Grab Bag

In true “me” style, here’s what Bastian and I found at the lake on campus Friday afternoon:

Turducken was what Joe named it.

It was fun, he was pretty nice and we had a fairly long conversation about this, that, and the other thing. Amazingly, despite the friendliness and pleasantries we exchanged -I don’t feel the urge to go any further. I mean, I’d love to be friends with this guy. He was nice, and pretty cool. But I’m just feeling the call of hermitage right now. I dunno, it seems like whenever a possibility comes into my life for relationship forming or “love” it happens in threes. Then I end up having to choose between three different guys who just pop up out of nowhere and usually have at least alliterative if not identical names. No shit.

When I met Sebastian’s father (Chris) I had just recently turned down offers (a.k.a. unwarranted groping) by another guy at fair named Chris, and was making good progress with a really nice guy who worked near me named C.J. (Chris was what the C stood for). Then there was the Jason, John, and Jason issue (which one do I want to go for?). I ended up with the one who came after me first and strongest. Oops.

Now there’s Joe, who I’ve met and is nice. There’s also a Jason who I may or may not be attracted to -I really can’t tell at this point- and there’s an opening. Then again, I could tell you this next story…

Okay, so I’m at work on Sunday night (managing like I said I never would again) and a customer’s coming in. I’m standing at the computer entering the long string of bullcrap “passwords” to start taking orders when I hear, “Hey SEXY!” in a very familiar tone. I look up, asking myself “do I know this person from somewhere?”. He was a total stranger, but just acted really friendly. He was fairly attractive -good smile, really cool eyes (blue like mine!) and tall, too. He was stocky and outgoing and hitting on me HARDCORE! Just my type. =)

So I point at myself like “you talkin’ about me?” and smile, and he says “I’d get your number”. I chuckle, of course, because I’m completely thrown off by a guy I find attractive actually coming on this strong. He continues to gently question me as I take his order, answer more phone calls, and make pizza’s. He lives in Shaumburg, used to sell comedy club tickets on Greek Row (where I live) and is 35. Of course, he asked me what my age limit was before admitting to being ten years older. But he seemed pretty young, and was nice!

When his pizza was ready, he took it from Terri (the girl I was training that night) and moved towards the door kind of dejectedly. I think he actually had it open a crack when he looked over at me and asked if he could have my number. I gave it to him.

He hasn’t called me yet, but the whole thing really has me feeling weird. Anxious? Nervous? Excited? I don’t know, really. We’ll see if he calls, I guess.

The thing I learned this weekend, though: I need to get comfortable with the idea of a normal guy actually being attracted to me. Maybe then I’ll start finding myself among the swans instead of the “Turduckens”.


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