Everything is beautiful…

Several funky incidents recently.

I was walking out of class and down to the bus stop yesterday afternoon when a couple of sorority girls stopped just to the left of my path. One of them exclaimed “I lost FIVE bucks!” as if she had thought it was one buck, and then discovered the awful truth. The other one said something and then one of them (I was still walking away) exclaimed “FUCK!”. I thought to myself, as I scanned the ground intinctively with my eyes, “if I find that five bucks I’m gonna give it back to her, just to throw a wrench into that attitude”. Miraculously, as I approached the bus stop (in plain view, only about thirty feet or so away) there lay a crisp five dollar bill. It was hugging the ground despite a blustery wind that had been howling all day.

I picked up the bill and immediately began scanning the large courtyard between bus stop and buildings. The two girls seemed to have dissapeared -didn’t even come back and look! I walked about halfway (okay, maybe a quarter of the way) back towards the spot where I had seen them, and was sure they were gone.

Funny thing is, I felt almost guilty when I finally stuffed the nervously folded fiver into my pocket. At least it went to a worthy recipient, right?


One thought on “Everything is beautiful…

  1. Hey, found money is just that. It belongs to the person who picked it up. If it was a class ring or something that’s a different story. I once found a $100 bill at work and a month later I got to keep it.


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