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1. writing (10) 11. bondage (4)
2. reading (8) 12. men (4)
3. chicago (8) 13. philosophy (4)
4. music (6) 14. photography (4)
5. art (6) 15. dancing (4)
6. movies (6) 16. tori amos (3)
7. sex (5) 17. poetry (3)
8. love (5) 18. depression (3)
9. cats (5) 19. shamanism (3)
10. books (5) 20. portishead (3)
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My most interesting friend is preternatural who has 11 of these interests,
followed by erisreg (11), solace1979 (9) and endlezzdream (8).
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My friends are 78.91% normal.
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Things are going strangely. School is alright, although it was hard forcing myself to go back to class this morning. The three-day weekend was about 90% work and 10% play. Next weekend I intend to camp out in Wisconsin at a large retired biker’s birthday party. Hundreds of people and nothin to do but drink and socialize. Hells yeah.

I have to go meet Eric now, we’re gonna check out “The Magic Door” (a little hippie shop in town that sells jewelry) I want some rings for my ears.

We saw the Village last night and I for one LIKED it. SO there.


3 thoughts on “Randomness

      1. Mar-eeeee
        Silly Willy….
        Apple and pumpkin season isn’t even untill the OCTOBER. So like… mid october. Who would go to the pumpkin patch now? Its too warm. It needs that Fall crispness, and the smell of falling leaves to make the experince better.
        So plan on MID october. Kay? I think I’m gonna have Olivia, Colby, Rick, Matt, Meg, and Eric and I come in, so I may have Eric V come pick us up in the van, and have a few people ride with you.
        I have been trying to save money by not comming in, and not going out.
        Hows everything in Dekalb????


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