My neighbor’s Jeep pulled up outside the building a little while ago and he got out. Interestingly, the music quieted considerably when he got out.

Heh. It’s his “houseguests” which he has blamed before for the noise. So I don’t hate my neighbor anymore, but that freakin’ music is the bane of my existance.

Here’s a weird meme.

Who will you fuck?
LJ Username
random word
favorite movie Meet Joe BlackFinding NemoDonnie DarkoPirates of the CarribeanThe RingWhinnie the Pooh
You will have the greatest sex with serenamia21
Is the worst sex ever quislibet
Made you fall asleep preternatural
You’ll go all night kitschin_witch
Secretly wants to fuck you sagispontaneous
You secretly want to fuck sagispontaneous
This Quiz by thenillbsmiling – Taken 28451 Times.

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