I choked up

So today we actually got out of the house. A combination of my meloncholy of late and my tiredness from having camped for nearly a week with a coven full of moody pagans has left me housebound. We got back Sunday night and I had planned both Monday and Tuesday (as they came and went) to go see my Childcare solutions caseworker about transferring my case to Dekalb.

Finally got out this morning (around 11:30) and took care of that. I took Sebastian to lunch at Happy Wok, since we were both hungry. As usual, eating out with just he and I makes me a bit sad. I love his company, he’s my darling angel, but I always see families or couples eating together and watch wistfully for a few guilty seconds.

We finished our sesame chicken and moved on to the fortune cookies which, of course, I always allow him to distribute. I guess I just feel like my fortune will be more accurate if I take the last one -like it was left for me because it was supposed to be mine. Call me a silly romantic.

His cookie said “You need a change of environment -go on a vacation”. I chuckled at this as we just got back from vacation and are moving to a new environment in a week and a half.

My cookie said; “Stop looking forever -Happiness is just next to you!”.

I looked at Sebastian, next to me, with tears and smiled. It’s true.


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