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Describe your stance on:

Abortion: I hate the idea that we have to end something so natural -but sometimes it’s the only viable option.

Affirmative Action: it’s a shame we have to place these “safety’s” on group activities. I honestly don’t think it does as much good as harm.

Age of Consent: For what?

Animal Testing: I find it hard to believe that with our mastery of science and studies on the molecular level we can’t determine what’s bad for us without testing it.

Death Penalty: Creepy. If there were less people in jail for victimless crimes perhaps we’d have more room for murderers.

Downloading Music/Movies: Music is cool to download as long as you buy a CD once in a while. Movies cost alot more to make.

Drug Decriminalization: Decriminalize. Educate. Stop taking the focus off of serious problems. Save money!!!!

Factory Farming: Farming is good- treating animals like assembly line parts is bad. We’d be closer to justifying it if we actually used as much food as we produce.

Free Trade: unrealistic. Commerce exists and is the foundation that our system currently sits on. If money could be abolished, I’d be the first one on board.

Funding of Arts: The arts are what fosters a sense of cultural identity & our society is desperately lacking that. Let’s follow the example of the Greeks!!!

Gay Marriage: HELL YES. Anyone who opposes gay marriage is not only sticking their fingers in someone else’s pie -but also misdirecting their concerns.

Gun Control: Control yes. We need to regulate the purchasing of guns. They can’t be eliminated, however, and people NEED to be educated -fear is more dangerous.

Immigration: That’s how I ended up here, in a round-about way. I think regulation is important, though.

Hardcore Pornography: The only kind worth watching.

Human Cloning: A whole human being cloned freaks me out. Organs, however, if they could be isolated (like kidneys, for example or lungs) would be miraculous.

Miltary Draft: boo, hiss. If there aren’t enough people willing to fight for the country -then the country needs change anyway.

Minimum Wage: It’s a minimum alright. The quality of life for a person making it is the minimum. Perhaps if the minimum was relative to the area/cost of living.

Prostitution: who cares? The women who choose to do it should be protected, not ostrasized.

School Vouchers: What’s that? If that’s a referrence to “controlled choice” then it sucks.

Taxes: Necessary to fund anything for a community/nation.

United Nations: It’s good for the nations to have a place where they can all communicate -but I think it’s a little idealistic and doesnt always work.

Universal Health Care: Definately. I think it’s fuckin’ creepy that our physical well-being is the most expensive thing money can buy. LIFE should not be unaffordable.

War on Terrorism: War on drugs? War on terrorism? War on an idea? That moves past ridiculous into downright conspiracy theory.

Welfare: welfare is necessary for some and easier to maintain than a job for others. Either way, there are better ways to help people. Like education.

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