Okay, since this morning’s post I have cleaned the top of the refridgerator, packed all candles and tabletop picture frames, finished about 70% of the stuff for our camping trip, and much of the kitchen stuff (spices, utensils) for the move are in a box now.

Still, looking around the apartment, it doesn’t look like I’ve done nearly that much. Amidst the hacking cough I have managed to get quite a workout today. I now need to take out MORE garbage, organize all the bags of miscellaneous stuff on the kitchen floor, and STILL have yet to do the laundry.

I need a shower and some food. Perhaps we’ll stop by Tim and Tina’s to get a copy of the map to the campground. Need a social break. I also need to brush my teeth. Mmmm… furry.

OH -and update on the kissing quiz, too. I forgot one person I kissed (among other things) and coincidentally found he’s got a profile on Yahoo personals now. I was jolly reading that, let me tell you.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. I love that pic of Bastion….. What a cute kid.
    God, I would totally help you if I could.
    Eric and I spent all of last night puting the rest of the old place into order. Boxes in the hallway. Electronics in one corner, furniture in another, and odds and end pieces in the last corner.
    I’m ready to move.


    1. Funny
      At this point in our lives -you’re STILL more organized than me.
      I want that Air conditioner. Please!
      I understand you are going through your own mess right now. You’ll just have to owe me a move all your life, I guess. Perhaps when I move to the big city you can help me out. =)
      Either way, you and Eric always take the best care of me. I’m not worried about it. Although, so far out of all the people I’ve invited to help me move -I’ve got Crystal, Randy (with a slipped disk), and this chic who I’ve never met except on LJ. Pretty sad, huh?
      We’ll pull through. You ever gonna forward me Eric’s Email?


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