The Kiss

The Ultimate Kissing Survey

Age of first kiss: 13

Number of people you’ve kissed: 14 (and I remember every single name, too!)

French kissing is: Pretty cool

The worst kind of kiss is: a soft passive one when I want aggresiveness

The best kisser you know: I hate admitting it, but Jason

The worst kisser you know: I’m going to plead the fifth -it’s not cool to hurt feelings.

The celebrity you’d like to kiss: Antonio Banderas

Friend you would like to kiss: I have pretty much lost all my kissable guy friends.

Favorite movie kiss: The (almost) end of Goonies, when the girl is tied up and they’re in the water.

Do you kiss on the first date? Heh… Depends on how well the date went and how long I’ve been waiting for it.

Eyes open or closed? Usually closed.

Average number of kisses you get a day: Around ten or so (from my son). He’s so cute, he gives me pecks on my cheek.

Ever kissed a friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend? Not exactly.

The last person you kissed: Jason, at work.

Best placed to be kissed:

Have you kissed someone of the same sex? Yes… Oh shit, make answer no. two 15!

What about the opposite sex? yup. That would be the 14.

Do you consider kissing cheating? If it’s done willingly, then yes.

The longest you’ve gone without a kiss: A year or two?

The kiss you regret most is: I don’t really regret any. Some I cringe thinking about, but we live and learn.

Kissing in public is: …best done subtly.

Tongue rings are: My bag, baby!

Two girls kissing is: eh. No biggy.

Two guys kissing is: ::shrug:: not a biggy either.

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