Wednesday’s Hump day!

Presently sitting in front of “I love the 90’s” and lusting for Johnny Depp. He’s so damn cool.

I also noted earlier tonight that I really want to see Fahrenheit 9/11.

It’s been nearly a month since I got laid and I’m pretty much okay with it. I’m very distracted by the ABC’s of Johnny Depp. Okay, so I’m kinda feeling “randy” tonight. I guess I shouldn’t be typing about it. Moving on.

Today was the last day for “wet clay” in ceramics. Basically this means I can’t begin any new projects tomorrow. That is so depressing! I have been REALLY enjoying this class. Hell, I’ve even halfway thought about pursuing ceramics further in college. I’m definately going to attempt to take another class in ceramics -maybe more. Unfortunately, next semester is already planned and the ceramics classes are full.

Anchorman was funny as hell. Went to it with Adam and the Erics. I had such a good time! We all enjoyed ourselves, I think. Incidentally, was really quiet all night. Probably because he’s fairly intelligent and the rest of us were immersing ourselves in the most ridiculous activities we could think of, i.e; throwing popcorn, watching joggers in the gym nextdoor to our dinner restaurant, and cracking jokes about the dishes served at said mandarin restaurant. He DID, however, mix some excellent margaritas. Funny -this all happened last weekend and I’m just now writing about it.

Huh. I guess my week basically consists of ceramics class and hanging out with Sebastian. Time flies when you’re having fun. As depressed as I’ve been the last few months, looking back I realize this summer has been pretty good so far. It’s going to get even better next month!

Here’s to the move that’s got my whole psyche living a month ahead of me.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Hump day!

  1. I was just quiet because I was coming down off a very stressful week and was sleeeeeepy. Had nothing to do with intelligence – ask Adam, I can be every bit as silly as you two were being! 🙂


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