Well, this past weekend was a rollercoaster of elation, doubt, remorse, and salvation.

Friday I left my windows down in the storm, got my backseat soaked and my stereo stolen. Saturday I got to visit with good friends, went to a wedding (where the bride and groom walked down the aisle afterwards to the ending themesong from “Empire Strikes Back”), and got irresponsibly drunk. Then it just becomes surreal. Let’s just say that I went from one extreme to the other until monday when I started awfulizing. FINALLY, last night I settled down.

I was so busy wondering why a certain someone wasn’t calling me, and trying to make the situation into a catastrophe, that I forgot he was going to be losing his cell phone this month. He wasn’t avoiding me -his phone’s shut off because his ex’s name was on the account.

Sigh. To top things off, the burglars didn’t do any damage to my car this time, but the insurance folks have decided to repair some damage that was done like four break-ins ago. SO they’re sending a check for $230 to fix a bendy part in the door panel. duh?

I wish I could just spend it, but I’m sure that’s somehow illegal. THe door works fine, it just doesn’t look so hot. I could care less. I need a car alarm and a new stereo and I’ll be happy. I also need to see Mr. Man. That’s my new codeword for that hunk of manliness I’ve been seeing lately. God that was cheesy.

Mr. Man is a God. He’s an Aries (which makes him perfect by default), he’s got gorgeous green eyes, and a deep growly voice that makes me want to jump on him every time I see him. Above all of this, he’s actually been really considerate of my insanity and seems to truly enjoy the time we spend together. Of course, how could he not? heh heh…

ANYWAY, still need to find a place to live in Dekalb and get my present sleeping schedule down to SOME kind of consistency. I’m exhausted.

This weekend was made IMMENSELY better by the dinner date last night with ,, and . The latter two were celebrating birthdays, the first was treating the group, and little ol’ me was just invited by the grace of the gods. I’m so happy when I drive into the “big city” to see my friends. Even when I’m surviving for the 48th hour on only three hours sleep and am depressed and PMSing -that dinner (company included) made it all feel a little lighter on my shoulders. I got to try Escargot, which was pretty good. It reminded me of mushrooms really. Then I had this salad with aged balsamic viniagrette -MY FAV! The entree was the best, roasted chicken with mushrooms, fried onion strings (I’m getting hungry) and a wine sauce. I had a bowl of chocolate for dessert, which everyone had to help me with because I was stuffed to the gullet.

Either way, it was grand. Then I got home to find Mr. Man online and completely not mad at me! Missing me too, even! And the night closed with a feeling of relief, contentment, and absolute exhaustion.

Oops! I’ve got to get Bastian from daycare in like 7 minutes! I guess I’d better go…

YAY I love it when things work out!

2 thoughts on “PMS is HELL

  1. YAY!
    Oh, one more.


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