I’m really hungry. I just got off work (could it have been two whole hours ago?) and i’m at home fresh and showered. Unfortunately, dad is slow in coming home these days and I can’t always go out on the weekends. Either way I have no one to hang out with. Maybe I’ll call my “co-worker” tonight and find out where he’s throwin’ ’em back.

I’m leaving for St. Louis tomorrow morning, to see my neice and family. Should be a nice weekend out-of-town. My work schedule has been miraculously changed so that I close with my good friend from last Thursday’s post (tee hee hee). I think some shenanigans may ensue =).

God, last night was so fun. I think Thursday is going to be my favorite day for a long time. At work, no one knows that we’ve gone out together or been in any way “social”. We’ve “fraternized” -a corporate no-no. So we’re flirting and he’s driving me nuts, and I’m driving him nuts and we have to accomplish all of this teasing and playing around without anyone noticing. It’s like having this secret that no one can find out about. Of course when we’re the only two drivers working and the manager is in the bathroom or office -he comes back to my dish area and grabs me and we make out as quickly as we can before she comes bouncing around the corner to see what we’re up to. I think she suspects and is trying to catch us. I don’t really care if she knows at this point -I just don’t want to volunteer the information. I’m not saying anything unless I’m directly asked.

Anyway, life is fun right now and things are looking up. I think is now considering living with me. It’s probably just because she’s backed into a corner and needs a place to live by July 15th. Still, even though it’s only out of desperation, I’d really like the chance to prove to her that I’ve changed and can be a good friend and roommate. Our prospects are decent if it’s just the two of us. If our third party, Dave, gets his ducks in a row and learns how to cope with change a little better we might even have a bigger place. That’s a whole entry all by itself.

I’m going to go eat and play Kingdom Hearts. G’night world… Save me some fun tonight.


2 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Perhaps your right, I am getting a little desperate. But like Ive said before, I think it will either be a huge mistake and we’ll end up hating each other, or it will be excellent and we’ll have a lot of fun. At this point I just need to know where Im going to hang my hat and if I dont have to be alone then all the better. But its not like I dont have other options, I mean I could always just get a room in a house or try to find a super cheap studio or something. But Im being optimistic and hopeful and part of me thinks we could have the Reality Bites kinda thing going. Welcome to the Maxi Pad. Plus if we got Garys apartment, it would just make things super easy for me. Ya know??? So dont be insulted or anything. It will be an adventure.


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