Dooky Breezes

I think the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” sucked ass.

That being said, it’s been a while since I posted. Things have been as usual -strange, hectic, constantly changing. Sebastian is teething (molars) and has been crapping liquid stuff again. He’s got a horrible diaper rash, and I sure hope he gets these teeth in soon. I try to let him run without a diaper for a little bit at a time, so the skin can get air and heal… But he has been known to pee right where he’s standing.

ON a lighter note, he went in the toilet last week. Since then he hasn’t managed to pull it off… but he’s definately interested in the toilet seat I bought for him.

Feeling a bit lonely lately… Beltane is always a struggle for me. The celebration of the “Lord and Lady” getting together after the long winter… mating season essentially begins. People everywhere are getting out and finding one another. As usual, I’m resisting the urge to seem completely desperate while feeling exactly that on the inside.

No… That’s not completely correct. Most of the time I’m fine with being alone. I realize that my happiness can’t be dependent on having someone else in my life. I guess it’s just tough being surrounded by so many couples and NOW that I’m 25, more and more of them are becoming MARRIED couples. Weddings are so depressing.

Finals are this week. That’s almost as depressing.

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