Crap, crap, and more crap.

Things are crappy. Not horrible, mind you -just crappy.

I feel very overwhelmed right now, with my Anthropology class, and I’m so out of it lately…

My mind is already in August, and the rest of me is trying to struggle through the end of this semester without it. It’s not working out too well.

Work has been a welcome distraction, and a welcome source of income. My friendships have been like russian roulette lately. My emotions are being effected now by the DAMNED Mercury retrograde which is occuring AGAIN.

GOD, please let summer come on easily and let me get at least a C in Latin and get this damn 20-25 page paper due and let my old friendships not crumble away into dust. I’m not being neurotic this time, I have a legitimate reason to be uncomfortable.

I’m so SICK and TIRED of social discomfort. Why can’t everyone just be aware of what everyone else is like/is feeling? Why can’t we just get to know one another with a brief contact of the skin?

Okay, now that I’ve prayed to God and ranted rhetorical questions… It’s a beautiful day/night. I wish I didn’t have to study for a Latin quiz at 9 am. But I do. =)


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