You say it’s your birthday…

Yes, it’s true. Today is my big 2-5. I took a quizilla quiz from ‘s LJ. Here’s what movie I belong in…

Power Rangers Movie!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Awesome. I’m a freakin’ power ranger. I’m preparing myself not to go to school today because I’m congested, my head hurts (due to congestion), and my voice is not up to speed for a 4-6 minute speech (due to congestion). I’m sick and it sucks.

Dave stopped by to borrow my bike rack last night and gave me his leftover zinc tabs, but they’re so disgusting I just couldn’t keep one in my mouth long enough for it to dissolve.

It’s been nice sitting around with Sebastian this morning, though. I had a speech topic all ready, but when I started researching I discovered that it wasn’t really going to be as easy as I thought -plus my intended visual aides and supporting info are hard to come by. What can I write a short informative speech on? I’m at a loss.

This is really strange, considering I’m usually pretty quick to come up with a good idea for a paper or speech and right now I’m having trouble coming up with a thesis for my research paper or a topic for my speech. What’s going on with the planets?!

So I’m sick on my birthday. Sucky. I’m hungry.


3 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday…

  1. Try this…
    Do a speech on being a single mom student. 🙂 you can pull research material right off your own LJ, include pix of the munchkin (to loud “awwwww”‘s from your fellow female students at least..) and you’ll have lots of resource material to draw from along with a first-hand knowledge of which material is pure bullshit. 😀
    and happy birthday!


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