Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’m feeling good today. I had a wonderful night, and actually felt awake this morning when I awoke at 5:15.

Tomorrow’s the big day, I’m turning 25 and I have a 4-6 minute informational speech to give in my Oral Comms class. Bleh.

I just found out my 20 page research paper is due in TWO WEEKS! AH!

Also, I have a cold coming. It’s in my throat just lurking there and creeping me out. Suck ass. I have so much work to do and I’ll feel crappy doing it now.

I went to “family dinner” on Sunday -well, I missed the dinner part; watched the Supranos and bolted out the door as soon as it was done. I’d really like to have spent some time visiting but I had another engagement. Also, Matt still hasn’t responded to my last letter about our personal disagreement (or whatever it is) and I’m really starting to feel uncomfortable about it again. I thought we were making progress by writing, but he’s not responded to my feelings at all. I’m not sure what, if anything, I can do to assuage the feelings that are stirring around in my head due to all this. Then I told him about my birthday pool-night on Saturday and he said he’d have to throw names in a hat and draw them out. I figured I’d get a flat-out “no”. Kammi had an excuse, she’s going on a retreat or something. At least he tried to think of a creative way to get out of it. I guess his weekly role-playing session with the bane of our friendship is just too important to skip once.

Why don’t my ‘friends’ want to spend time with me unless I come into their home? Why do I have to suffer the affliction of giving a shit about folks who are too busy to back up their words with actions?

Andy hasn’t responded to my e-mail either. Isaac says I should just forget about them all and go with the flow. It saddens me to think that if I don’t keep worrying about our tenuous friendships and make efforts to keep up communications, they will continue to deteriorate. Kammi is babysitting on Thursdays still. She’s one that doesn’t seem so eager to let go of me.

Saturday I announced an open invitation to go play pool for my birthday. We’ll see what happens. I wonder if I predicted what I’m pretty sure will happen -would they surprise me and show up?

ON a lighter note, I wrote and performed the Spring Equinox ritual this past Saturday. If I may say so, it was pretty good for my first Sabbat. I really enjoyed it and with a few minor exceptions it went off without a hitch. Then I went to sleep and enjoyed the rest I had been needing for quite a long time.

Now I’m off to munch on a Krispy Kreme and then get Sebastian from Day Care. What a week. I remember last semester when I updated this journal daily -sometimes twice. Where did all that leisure time go?


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