So the first day of spring break I guess is officially today. I took Sebastian to daycare and went directly to not working. I had all these things that I was definately going to get done on Saturday, and then on sunday I planned to get them done since I hadn’t.

Now it’s 5:00 on Monday and I’m thinking I’d better get started. The rest of break better not go this way. I told myself that I’d get the apartment cleaned up, and then my car, and then I’d have a clean environment so I could work on my take-home midterm and bibliography and study Latin. It all starts with the apartment (and laundry). I have no excuse now that we’ve got two brand-new dryers in the building.

I have one-half of a semester left at Rockford College and I will have completed two whole years of comedy. I mean college. How amusing, that was honestly a freudian slip -I zoned out and typed that.

Anyway, I’m so close! Almost out of here!

I got to watch the last half of the season premiere of the Supranos. God, I miss that show. I have missed like an entire season. *sigh*

I kind of wish I could have watched it with the guys. Bittersweet being back, sometimes.

Well, Bastian has a poopy. I must start cleaning right NOW!


3 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK!

  1. I’m so jealous
    By the time I reach my “spring break” I will be done with school. I wish I had a little break between now and the end of the month to, like, breathe and fuck around.
    I’m so happy for you that you’re almost done with school, or part of it. I DEFINITELY know the feeling.
    I think you should clean in moderation and enjoy your time off.


  2. Mary, Mary quite contrary. What shall we do? I dont want to bother you cuz I know you have alot to do but if you do want to go anywhere this week lemme know cuz I am game. I think I can blow off Jake cuz apparently he doesnt have any money and if he thinks Im gonna pay for him to go to Chicago he’s got another thing coming. I guess Tasha cant go shes going to New York with Jon which I completely forgot about. Jakes driving me insane!!! I have a crush on Gary, hes super cute. You should be happy he’s replacing my Mo fantasies, eventho Im sure Im creating this ideal that he can’t possibly live up to but hey its my fantasy.


    1. I’ve left a message for Adam…
      Let’s call him and plan a day there. I’m off on Friday and Saturday this week. How bout you?
      I’m glad for you and Gary. You should invite him to coffee or something! Have you met already? He could come to the big birthday bash you’re going to throw for me! LOL


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