Yes, as already pointed out, it is SPRING BREAK!

Those of us who are still struggling our way through college are REALLY looking forward to relaxing for a while. I’m presently sitting in the middle of my messy living room feeling generally overwhelmed. There’s just so much crap to do. Then the laundry waits in ambush back in my bedroom. As soon as I set this laptop down, I need to get started and clean, clean, clean until bellydancing at 3.

I don’t have to work tonight, but I’ve double booked myself again. I’m not sure what to do about it. I have a full moon ritual this evening to attend, but I told my manager at work I’d play pool with her. It would be detrimental to my work-place comfort if I were to stand her up or cancel. I don’t want to cancel… Maybe if ritual could just start on TIME today. It’s scheduled at 5, but Pagan Standard Time does exist, and as a general rule ritual starts about 3 hours after it’s supposed to. I can’t stand this!

The Spongemonkeys (of Quizno’s commercial fame) are now on VH1. Geez, I put something on my website and BOOM! I must be so popular. Why can’t I benefit from my predictive genius?

Well my mommie dearest is on her way over, so I’m going to super-fast clean the area within sight of the door so I don’t have to engage in psychic warfare. Toodles!

BTW, got a letter responded to by Cecil from thestraightdope !!!!


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