Yay Me!

Well, I’m proud of myself.

I’ve made this most recet pack of cigarettes last more than two days!

Also, I went to the library today and got a stack of books for my research paper. I even have a few ideas about a thesis!

I went to Dekalb again, and got lots done -credit for my Middle English Lit class, and spoke to the director of the Communications dept. It’s ALL good!!

Housing is looking better and better… If I can get a place with friends it’ll be awesome, but even if I can’t there are some places that might be affordable. I found the jackpot on the NIU off campus housing site.

I’m really sleepy now and I’m going to bed early (instead of studying for tomorrow’s 9 o’clock class which is what I should have done all night instead of messing around online). I’m really spending alot of time (read: too much time) daydreaming, planning, and browsing about apartments in Dekalb and school next semester. It is important, however, to get all this stuff done as early as possible.

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!


One thought on “Yay Me!

  1. Personally….
    I really suggest you get a place on your own. I have a kazillion reasons that just start with you… but, being your friend I don’t feel like I really need to list them ALL right here in your journal.
    I’m sure you could make a list of the pros and cons of living with people, and the cons with outweigh the pros in this situation.


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