My Father Would KILL Me…

,, and Isaac (who never reads my journal) -This is for you. Any meager inheritance I may have is now RIGHT out the window. Note the party that seems to predominate the top 7 in my list. My father’s always saying that any vote other than a republican one is just being wasted.

I had somehow become attached to the idea of Dean winning (although I hadn’t studied his platform yet). I think I just liked him because of his passion, and he was on the cover of the Rolling Stone. LOL…

Isaac says Kerry’s a schmuck, because he changed positions on the war at the last minute.

1 Kerry Score: 100%

Party Democrat

2 Lieberman Score: 89%

Party Democrat

3 Clark Score: 87%

Party Democrat

4 Kucinich Score: 87%

Party Democrat

5 Edwards Score: 87%

Party Democrat

6 Dean Score: 86%

Party Democrat

7 Sharpton Score: 85%

Party Democrat

8 Bush Score: 35%

Party Republican


3 thoughts on “My Father Would KILL Me…

  1. I got 100 w/kerry too.
    Kerry is a politician. So is Bush, so is Dean. They change positions in response to public opinion. Some might say that’s a Good Thing for an elected official to do.


  2. Im confused, what are those percentages about? I like Dean. I mean I really would love if Kucinich could win and Im probably gonna vote for him but I dont think he’s gonna win so my second choice is definetly Dean. I just wish he didnt have that Joker smile. But I like Dean, hes passionate and always stands behind what he says, plus hes anti war and wants universal health care, thats good enuf for me. Im still interested in Clark but still confused too and Kerrys okay but doesnt really seem to stand for anything. But all in all, all of the them would be better than Bush.


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