Thank you for all your prayers!!!

EXCEPT , who’s a rat bastard. =)

Anyway, who’d a thunk that a ’97 dodge neon with 127,000+ miles on it that was purchased at around $10,000 five years ago would be worth saving! Thank goodness for State Farm Insurance!

Tee-hee… I’m gonna get my car back with a used (but new to me) transmission!!!! YAY!


2 thoughts on “PRAISE JEBUS!

  1. Well congrats. Funny how everything always kind of works itself out, huh? Cuz today I got a call from the Bursars office saying that the bill I received was in error and that I actually do get a refund…..of eight dollars. But hey, thats better than a debt of thirteen hundred. So I think I might still take out a loan but only for like five hundred, to help with bills and such. I guess our lives could almost be sitcoms, just not as funny sometimes.


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