Easy Rider

Well… it’s time for an update, I guess.

I went to move the car a few feet so the tow truck driver could get to the front end. That’s when I noticed the red transmission fluid that had stained the snow all night. I knew when I saw it that things were bad.

The mechanic who’s holding it for me called and advised me to get an insurance claims representative down there. Transmissions are SO expensive. The housing that holds the transmission is broken, he says. Also some other important sounding parts… arms? I didn’t know my car even had arms, but I’ve gone and broke them.

Poor baby… She may not be returning. I was JUST falling in love with that car because it had lasted so long. Finally, after all these years of cursing her for being from the speedway auto mall, I was realizing that she’d been running for about six years. I had that car longer than I’ve ever kept a man. *sniff*

On top of all these sit-com-esque shenanigans, my father is suggesting we just wait until summer to replace the automobile at which point he’ll buy himself a truck and I’ll inherit the Lumina (again). One car between us until SUMMER? Like I need ANOTHER reason to desperately yearn for summer to get here?

OH Woe is me…. Please, let the ghetto sled bring in a hefty sum -OR be fixable! I NEED my baby back! *sobbing*

One thought on “Easy Rider

  1. Death is but the next greatest adventure!
    I am so sorry.
    Oh… I’m not sorry that you crashed that hunk of junk.
    I am just sorry that I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of the bloody aftermath that Rassberry Sorbet spurted onto the computer moniter.
    I know you loved that car. But.. maybe something good will come from this. Maybe a new car. Do you think you could sue the city of rockford for putting in those DANGEROUS medians in the middle of the road. I mean, COME ON, they are DANGEROUSLY put in the middle of the road for WHAT reason? I mean. Your supposed to DRIVE on the road, why are they there.
    I also feel the same way about stop signs. Whats the point? Who wants to STOP at an intersection. I don’t know about you, but I would rather speed up and hope that Luck will still hold out on me when I scream thru that intersection.
    Anyway… When is the wake?
    At least no one can break your window for the, what 10th radio?
    Oh goodness. We can go on…. can’t we?
    Oh sigh.
    Im sorry for you loss, I am even more sorry at the rassberry snot dripping down my screen.
    I should go grab some windex.
    <=== clicks back onto your website.


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