So one of my lj “friends”, , has been mobilized and sent off to Kuwait. I really feel weird about that.

Last night I had a really good talk with a friend (“friend X” to be exact) who made me realize -I could be disowned for this- I may actually lean to the left.

My personal views (I’ve always just felt what I did based on personal experience and such) are pretty liberal. Fortunately, I’ve found someone who’s willing to explain really basic political stuff (which I should already know, but I’ve been irresponsible) to me without being condescending. I guess I just never really wanted to associate myself with either of the two party “evils”. I still don’t, but there is a “left-right spectrum” apparently, and I’ve placed myself to the left of the middle. This does not bode well for my inheritance (lol).

This war that’s going on, however, has me kind of nervous. I’ve always thought the armed forces were pretty necessary, having been spawned -technically- by the Air Force. I was an experiment at area 51 (read: both parents were Air Force personnel at the time of my conception).

Anyway, I’m not so sure how comfortable I am with all the people dissapearing from our back yard. Hundreds of thousands of young service persons have been mobilized already, we’ve got Saddam, and yet we’re still sending MORE folks over? I dunno, but something seems to be “up”. I know, they may be sending people in now to relieve the ones who’ve already been there for so long…

I guess it just feels like this war is so far away that we sometimes forget we’re even AT war. I hardly hear about it thoughout my day. Michael Jackson gets more press around here than the Middle East -or so it seems. Am I wrong?

I remember the time before 9-11…

The feeling of unease has returned. How long can we, as the American People, go without acknowledging what goes on outside our coastline? Are Soccer Moms REALLY the worst threat to our way of life?

I dunno. I’m not big on apocalyptic talk, or fear tactics in general. Perhaps is right. Let’s Rock The Vote next time, MTV generation! At least that’s SOMEthing more than wondering what’s going on.


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