Let’s Get it On…

Okay, so today was a great day.

I woke up feeling tired and groggy, but as the day continued I realized I had to accomplish SOMEthing on the last day before school.

Finally, I was screwing around on the computer (again, not productive) when I found this bot that generates sigils! Breakthrough (I guess it was productive after all, no?). So, I performed a little “magic” and released…

…later that day: I have finished ALL but two loads of laundry (GOD, there was alot) and I cleaned the living room up some, AND I re-arranged the furniture in my bedroom to a much better flow area for “chi”, AND the bathroom is still clean! Now I just need to do the dishes.

Needless to say, I feel accomplished for the first time in weeks. I came to some interesting conclusions this week, as well.

All my adult life I’ve sworn that I never got PMS. I would admit to the backaches, but I never really associated my weirdness to any specific period in the month. This month I’ve realized that I was the worst example of a PMS-ing woman ever.

I got all upset about my emotional attachments to people, and stressed out big-time about stuff I wasn’t getting done, and was just -in general- a basketcase. I think it was Saturday night that I made the connection. Then I wondered, “How many other periods of me being a psycho just happened to coincide with the week before my period?”.

Just tonight I realized that the week AFTER my period is when I manifest the cycle by wanting to clean obsessively in the physical world. My patterns are emerging to me finally!

Well, this posting turned out very feminist, eh? ANYWAY, the weekend was good and I feel inspired. Tonight is just beautiful. It’s not nearly as cold as it has been, which leads me to call it “warm” out. The snow is about 50% melted and still going, and the streets are glistening with a combination of that melting and the soft haze of moisture that’s floating in the air. It’s like life is just parting the curtain of the death season and flashing me a smile. I almost imagined it was a warm spring night driving home.

New beginnings are in the air. Tomorrow morning at 9, I’ll be getting grilled by Dr. Martin and twitching with excitement about the new semester. I can’t wait.


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